How To Get Sc St Obc Caste Certificate In Karnataka

Caste certificate is an essential document for those individuals who are belongs to other backward community or region. The applicants who wish to obtain the caste certificate can apply either online or offline mode. The caste certificate is very useful in each and every term. The state govt has decided to provide the same facilities in terms of education and other privileges which other applicants are having in the state.

Caste certificate is generally issued by the concerned district Tehsildar or Sub Divisional Magistrate.

In order to support and issue to avail the facilities of reservation in various courses and jobs, applicants must fill the application form for the  Caste Certificates which is issued by the competent authority. In Karnataka, the Tahsildar, a Taluk level functionary, is having the authority to issue Caste Certificates.

Procedure to Get Caste certificate in Karnataka:

The application forms for Caste Certificate are easily available either online or offline from the concerned local department in the City/Town/Village, which is usually the office of the e-Disha Centre Tehsil or Sub-Tehsil Level.

If in case no one of your family member have earlier been issued a Caste Certificate, then in that case a local or general enquiry will be conducted before issuing the Caste Certificate to you.

Also you need to give the proof of residence in your State for a specified period, an affidavit which states that you are truly belong to a Scheduled Caste and the court stamp fee are required at the time of application.
Applicants are required to submit an application form which is furnished with the required details of their caste, income and other relevant information to the Taluk office, in whose jurisdiction the candidate usually resides.

The application submitted by the applicant will be verified by the concerned officer in the Taluk office and it will be then forwarded to the concerned revenue office. The revenue officer will verifies the details of the application by visiting the candidate’s residence address which he/she filled in the form and submits a report with a recommendation that the given details are correct. Then the concerned  Tahsildar will verifies the report and it is his report that either approves or disapproves the application.  The recommendation is Based on the Tahsildar’s orders that the  certificate is issued to the applicant.

Concerned Authority:

The Village Accountant/Revenue Inspector, as the case may be, the Tahsildar and the Caseworker at the Taluk office.

Necessary documents to get ST SC OBC certificate in Karnataka:

Here we are providing you the supporting documents list which is useful to know more about the same. And these documents are enclosed along with the application form:

1. An application Form

2. Copy of Ration Card / Copy of Voter Card / Name in the Voter List (one of them)

3. A report regarding caste Patwari / Sarpanch

a. Income report

b. Residence Proof

c. Caste / religion report

d. In case of Women caste certificate before marriage

4. Self declaration Certificate that the above given information is correct.

Fee Details:
The total fee for the issuing the caste certificate will be charged Rs. 15/- only for per certificate.

The caste certificate will be delivered to the applicant within 7 days from the date of application.

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