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About Caste Certificate

A caste certificate is an essential proof/document which proves that one is belongs to some particular caste i;e, SC/ ST/ OBC . A system for issuing Caste Certificate in Goa was introduced in year 1950. Caste Certificate is an important document which helps to secure the educational admission and professional institute admission and also useful for applying in employment exchange. It also gives other facilities in terms of waving off the whole part of school and college fees for admission. Those persons who belongs to a particular caste must need to apply for the caste certificate. Those who obtain the caste certificate in Goa can easily avail the facilities which is provided by the state govt.

Why It Is Important:

The caste certificate is the important proof that one is belonging to a particular state like schedule caste, schedule tribe, and other backward caste. The Indian govt has recently announced that the people who belongs to SC/ ST/ or OBC community must require the special encouragement and privileges in their state to have the same status and value just like others citizen have. Schedule caste and tribes special encouragement for having opportunities at the same place like others are having in their own state.

In India now there is certain special privileges are offered to these people who belongs to minority community such as reservation of seats, discounts in admission fees, reserved seats in some respective educational; institutions and colleges etc.

Why Caste Certificate is Needed:

Those who wish to obtain the caste certificate in Goa are informed that if they applied for this important certificate then they will have various services such as waving off the fees in educational institute or colleges, government services, reservation of seats, relaxation of upper age limit, quotas in colleges and educational institutions etc. To avail these services the citizen must need to apply for this caste certificate and after obtaining the certificate they able to get the facilities which is provided by the state govt.


The applicant must put up his/her application at the nearest  e-Suvidha Centers situated in the Offices of Sub-Divisional Magistrates, where the applicant permanently resides, on any working day and obtain an Acknowledgement Receipt for the same. The applicant is also given a delivery date for his/her Certificate, which is printed on the Receipt.

Necessary Documents

An application form has to be submitted along with the important documents and filled the form in a prescribed format (Annexure D)

·         Certificate from the Samaj concerned.

·         Parents’ Caste Certificate issued by the prescribed Authority.

·         An affidavit in the prescribed form (Annexure E).

·         The application will be sent to the Talathi concerned, asking for his report within 3 days.

·         Mamlatdar will issue the Caste Certificate within 2 days of getting the Talathi’s report.
Important Note :

Concerned Department:

District Magistrate/Additional District Magistrate/Sub-Divisional Magistrate of the area where the candidate and/or his family permanently resides.
Concerned Authority


Apply online

Online application for caste certificate can be obtained through the furnished link in/appln/UIL/CasteCert_af.aspx

To know more about the concerned department click here: administration.htm

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